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Don’t Let a Clogged Pipe Ruin Your Presidents Day Weekend!

With Presidents Day now behind us, it’s time to get back to reality and back to work. If you hosted your family and friends at your home over the holiday weekend, you might be left cleaning up after the party. One thing you don’t want to be left with after a fun and relaxing three day weekend is a clogged pipe.

The plumbing experts at Daniel Cordova gathered some information about how you can prevent clogged pipes after this long holiday weekend. Let’s dive into, not only clog prevention, but also the importance of food disposal and professional drain cleanings.

Simple Ways to Practice Clog Prevention

clogpreventionLet’s begin with the most basic instructions clog prevention: don’t use your kitchen sink as a garbage bin. Natural fats like oil or cooking grease, specifically, have no business in a sink drain- ever.

Some people, especially first-time homeowners, think this is okay as long as you run hot water through the drain. Unless you plan to run hot water in your sink all day every day, that plan can’t work.

You see, the grease may be in liquid form when you pour it into the sink, but it will eventually cool and harden. The solidified fat will clog up your drain pipes as fast as it clogs your arteries. In addition, don’t toss any solid food into your drains, unless you have a garbage disposal.

What Are You Doing About Food Disposal?

fooddisposalNow let’s talk a bit about proper food disposal as it pertains to clog prevention. A garbage disposal is a device installed in your sink drain that shreds up food scraps that are discarded in the drain.

They can be installed for fairly cheap, and they make it far more convenient to dispose of food without threatening to clog the pipe. While most foods can be discarded in a garbage disposal, there are still restrictions.

For example, you should keep smaller scraps like rice and coffee grounds out of the disposal, as they can get caught and jam it. You can, however, drop some citrus (lemon or orange) rinds into the disposal to help cut down foul smells.

Why Drain Cleaning is Essential

daincleaningFinally, the most effective way to keep your drain pipes free of clogs is to consistently schedule regular drain cleanings with a trusted plumbing service company.

Make sure to have your drains professionally cleaned at least once a year if you have a smaller household of one to four people. For larger households, your drains should be cleaned every six months.

This will keep your drains clean, so you can enjoy holiday weekends without worrying about clogged pipes! The entire team at Daniel Cordova wishes you a happy belated Presidents Day! We hope you enjoyed the long weekend with your family and friends, and that your weekend was free of any unpleasant plumbing business.

Remember that you can prevent future clogs just by being responsible about what you’re putting down your drain and having your drains cleaned regularly. If you found the information in this article helpful, make sure to share it with your family, friends, and neighbors.