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Older toilets once allowed manufacturers to design units that used over five gallons per flush! As this is no longer sustainable, modern high efficiency toilet units aim to use around one gallon per flush. When choosing a high efficiency toilet, there are four basic options, which we will discuss below. Think you’re ready to install one in your home? Let one of our technicians help! We serve residents throughout San Dimas and surrounding areas in Southern California.

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Replacing Your Old Toilet? Consider These High Efficiency Units!

Single Flush
High efficiency, single flush toilets are simply improved versions of a standard flush toilet. Through engineering improvements, manufacturers have been able to bring the water use on many one-flush models down to around one gallon per use. In fact, the standard for labeling a toilet high efficiency is whether or not it uses less than 1/3 gallons of water per flush. The single flush model’s only drawback is its simplicity: it is not quite as efficient as many of the more advanced models.

Dual Flush
Dual flush toilets utilize a system that allows you to decide how much water goes into each flush. Often, the level of water is chosen by how far a lever is pressed down, though some models have a set of buttons. The low volume flush, best suited to just liquids, is generally set to use well under a gallon per flush. The higher volume flush, intended for solids, uses just over a gallon and a half. The drawback associated with dual flush toilets is that they must be cleaned more often, as flushes do not have the same cleaning power as older toilets.

Pressure Assist
As the name suggests, a pressure assist toilet is one that uses a mechanical pump to increase the force of each flush. These models tend to hold a similar amount of water in the bowl as standard toilets, but the increased efficiency reduces the overall amount of water that goes into the drain. Their main drawback is the highly technical nature of replacement and repair.

The flushometer device also uses high-pressure water to make flushing more efficient. However, the flushometer style uses water pressure directly from the water lines to increase the rate of flow. While more common in restaurants and commercial settings, this type of high efficiency toilet is nevertheless becoming more common in households due to the savings and high performance. The one drawback is that the device will only fit into newer toilets.

Whichever toilet model you decide is ideal for your purposes, each of the high efficiency units described here is sure to bring utility savings. Whether you elect to install a unit that looks and functions like one of the older models, or one that uses a newer approach and appearance, we can help you install the one that’s right for you.

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