Sewer and Drain Repair in San Dimas

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Sewer and drain lines are some of the most important parts of your plumbing system. They help collect waste and move it away from your home. This is why your sewer and drain lines need the right maintenance and prompt repairs if anything goes wrong. Our technicians at Daniel Cordova Plumbing are ready to handle any level of repair for residents throughout San Dimas and surrounding areas in Southern California.

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What Causes Sewer and Drain Problems?

The most common cause of sewer and drain problems may be a surprise: trees.

Many homeowners are unaware that tree roots are often the number one cause of serious problems within sewer lines. As tree roots spread under your yard, they will grow directly towards and into your sewer line, which harbors fresh sources of water. The roots find their way in through the tiniest of cracks and will then choke your water flow once they begin to grow.

Plant roots in general seek out sewer pipes, as they contain water and oxygen. Even if you don’t have trees in your yard, roots from larger trees in neighboring lots can make their way towards your pipes and cause serious problems.

Clogs from grease, hair, and other debris can also cause problems in your sewer and drain lines. If these clogs are not cleared in a timely manner, the debris will continue to build up and eventually lead to severe issues such as overflowing sinks or toilets. If your sink is draining much slower than usual, you hear gurgling when the water empties down the drain, or you smell unusual odors coming from your drain, then it may be time to have your pipes checked out.

Severe blockage can cause a complete lack of water flow in your pipes. This can lead to a complete backup or even burst pipes. Again, the best course of action is to call a plumbing expert who can remove the blockage before it causes further damage.

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