Water Leak Detection and Repair in Rowland Heights

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Water leaks can originate from a number of sources and causes, from pipe connection problems to decaying rubber seals in your faucet. Your water heaters, toilets, bathtubs, showers, and dishwashers can all harbor leaks. You may not be able to see the leak in some cases, but there are ways to detect them. Our technicians use the latest leak detection technology to pinpoint leaks so they can be repaired as soon as possible. We serve residents throughout Rowland Heights and surrounding areas in Southern California.

ceiling water leak

How Do I Know If I Have a Water Leak?

The most common way our customers have discovered leaks is by opening their water bill! If it seems higher than normal, even though you haven’t changed your usage levels, you may have a leak in your home.

Another effective way to confirm a leak is to check your water meter. To do this, make sure all of your faucets and appliances that use water are turned off, or turn off your main water shut off valve. Then, go outside to check your water meter. If it is still running as if water were flowing freely in your home, there is a water leak somewhere outside your home. If the meter has stopped running, the leak is inside your home.

If you have a pipe leak, it could be coming from the ceiling, walls, under the slab of your home, or even in your pipelines outside. Leaks can also be traced to your appliances or fixtures in the kitchen or bathroom. For the average homeowner, it is not always possible to see the leak or detect its origins. Fortunately, our technicians have all of the tools necessary to locate all types of leaks. We use advanced detection technology (including pressure detection and electronic or sonic leak detection devices) to pinpoint the exact location of any leak behind and under any surface.

What are Signs of Underground Water Leaks?

Leaks from pipes out of your sight are the most difficult to notice. Look out for these signs to get your leak repaired as soon as possible.

  • Wet spots in landscaped areas
  • Soft, mossy areas in the midst of dry areas
  • Rusty or dirty water
  • Low pressure in irrigated areas
  • Cracked paved areas
  • Sinkholes
  • Uneven floor grade of leaning structures
  • Notable drop in water pressure
  • Extremely high water use, as indicated on water bill

How Do You Repair Water Leaks?

The location of the water leak determines the method used to repair it. As mentioned earlier, a water leak can be found in a number of places, including behind a wall, in your ceiling, or under a slab. Each area calls for specific tools to locate and repair the leak.

Repairing ceiling or wall pipe leaks will involve excavating the pipe. Slab leaks will require digging up the slab or a portion of it; this can also involve a minimally invasive technique that uses sonic testing to locate the leak, while an epoxy-like substance is used to stop the leak underground without having to perform any digging.

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