Sewer and Drain Cleaning in Covina

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One of the challenges of owning a home is the maintenance involved. It can seem like a daunting task. Fortunately, we make the task less intimidating by providing excellent plumbing services for our neighbors in Covina and surrounding areas. Among those services are sewer and drain cleaning to get your pipes flowing freely once again.
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Looking to Rid Your Drains of Stubborn Debris?

If you are worried about clogged drains or sewers, or if you are constantly experiencing clogs in your sink or toilet, we have the solution for you. Our technicians use the latest drain cleaning and rooting equipment to thoroughly clear your drains of stubborn debris. Our clog-clearing methods include hydrojet drain cleaning, one of the most effective ways to completely cleanse your pipes—even if you have years-old debris stuck inside.

To locate clogs deep in your system, we will use a special video camera to inspect your sewer and drain pipes. These cameras are flexible enough to course through your pipe system’s bends while delivering interior footage of your line in real time.

What Causes Sewer and Drain Clogs?

Poor maintenance is the main reason for clogged drains. We advise our customers to avoid allowing grease and large food scraps from entering their kitchen drain, as well as to make sure that not too much toilet paper is getting flushed down the toilet. These items can sometimes get stuck in your pipeline, or else accumulate until they create a clog.

Our services are straightforward. When we receive your call, we will schedule a time to meet as soon as possible. We provide free in-home estimates when you call for an appointment. After we assess the situation, we will determine the most effective equipment and materials to use to get the issue under control.

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