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Things to Know About Going Green on Earth Day

recycle_480The local environment must be protected so that your family and future generations enjoy the same access to resources we do. But without implementing environmentally-friendly initiatives in the process, local resources cannot be protected. It’s why our team is committed to guiding property owners on going green. And with Earth Day on April 22nd in mind, we’re presenting our tips for implementing resource-friendly strategies around the home.

Low Flow Systems Limit Water Output

You might not be aware of it. But each time you take just a 10-minute shower, you’re potentially using up to 17 gallons of water. This is a significant amount, and it can be reduced simply by installing low flow systems in your home. The installation of low-flow toilets and showers can reduce your water use by half! It’s a process that could save you hundreds of gallons in water waste each month.

save-water_480Water Filters Reduce Reliance on Bottled Water

Bottled water spending is rising significantly each year across the country. We spend millions of dollars simply buying filtered water in plastic bottles from worldwide manufacturers. But what if you were to use filters to achieve the level of water quality in your own home? A filter such as reverse osmosis systems help remove toxic metals and chemicals from the water while ensuring the water has a clean taste. The installation of the filter is simple and takes just a few minutes.

Shopping Locally Can Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

carbon-footprint_480Focusing on reducing your carbon footprint is a great way to minimize the overuse of local resources. You can move forward in this process by committing to shopping locally. This means you won’t have to drive as far, or even at all to pick up food. You can also choose to buy from local food producers, which limits the amount of transportation required to bring your food to the home. Each of these steps can play an important role in reducing your carbon footprint.

Tankless Water Heaters Provide Hot Water On-Demand

Rather than storing water in the home and then heating up small amounts for showers and baths, why not install tankless water systems for hot water on demand? Tankless technology mitigates the need to keep stored water on the property and means you can be enjoying your shower or bath quickly.