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Spooky Sounds in the Walls: What Do They Mean?

spooky noise

Listen for Pipes Bumping in the Night!

Summer is winding down, and fall is fast approaching, which means homeowners and their families around the country are gearing up for the spookiest event of the year: Halloween! Ghost and goblins… tricking and treating… It’s no wonder that many people find themselves ready for an endless supply of mischief and treachery.

Along the same lines, many homeowners may be especially spooked if they have noisy pipes. Around the time of Halloween, these pipe sounds could very easily be mistaken for pranksters trying to wreak havoc ahead of schedule. Homeowners should know what specific types of sounds to listen for so that they can take action immediately if there are truly issues with their pipes. Continue reading for all of this information and more!

Haunted Humminghumming

Humming is one of the most common plumbing sounds that may indicate that there could be trouble. The most common cause of humming is abnormally high water pressure, which can cause unnecessary vibrations as it moves through the home piping system. The general guideline is that 40-60 psi water pressure levels are optimal, but check with a plumbing service to confirm this.

While less likely, humming could also indicate issues with the gate values that control water flow in and out of a pipe. If this is damaged or not functioning properly, there could be humming whenever water runs through a particular pipe. Additionally, if there is humming particularly around the toilet, then consider that there may be an issue with the washer or ballcock unit.

Whistling Wind or Whistling Pipes?pipes

Another one of the most common plumbing sounds is squealing or “whistling” pipes. Several different causes may result in these whistling pipes, but in general, water is moving too fast through an opening that is not designed to handle the volume of water that is trying to move through.

Like with humming, this can result from excessively high pressure trying to force the water through the pipes. It could also be due to hard water, which occurs after a buildup of minerals from within the water. General wear and tear can also be to blame. Regardless of the cause, homeowners will want to consider pursuing water line services to figure out what exactly the issue is.

Water Hammering Can Bring a Fright!

Last but not least, water hammering is one of the most dangerous and potentially very frightening sounds that can be very troublesome. This occurs when one of the pipe values closes abruptly or if a pump within the piping system shuts down. The result is a high-pressure shockwave due to the water coming to an abrupt stop or change of direction.

For homeowners and their families, this can sound quite literally like a hammer banging on the pipe. It will probably come as no surprise that a water hammer is not a good thing. It can lead to pipe damage, and it can even lead to pipe bursts! Homeowners should hire professionals if this occurs, as a repiping job will likely be in order.

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