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Start the New Year with Clean Drains!

Cleaning drains

Drain Cleaning 101 for 2021 

Homeowners might not think of drains as a place to start the New Year’s resolutions off, but it’s a perfect place to start. Drains are the hidden highways and byways of the home’s fluids and sewage that often go unrecognized by the household until the drains suddenly stop working. 

Like any other vital system of the home, the drains need a little TLC during the year. Uncared for drains collect debris and damage and will start warning homeowners when enough is enough, and a good cleaning is required. Keep reading to discover how to navigate the ins and outs of drain cleaning for the home. 

Warning Signs Drains Need Cleaned

Drains will give several warning signs that they need attention.


Keep an eye out for these signals coming from the drains:

  • Slow Drains: Does it take the bathtub forever to drain? Does the sink empty slower than a slug? The drains are probably plugged or clogged. Slow drains are a sure sign that the drains need cleaning. 
  • Stinky Drains: Are strange odors coming from the drains? Does the tub smell like a swamp? The drains may have unsavory bacteria growing on piles of gunk plugging up the drains. Call a plumber, stat, to get those smells taken care of. 
  • Gurgling Noises: Is there a gurgling, glugging sound coming from the sink and tub as they drain? Something is slowing them down and creating air bubbles, leading to strange sounds. Cleaning the drains of any debris or clogs should fix the issue.
  • Liquid Drain Cleaner Overload: If the drains are getting treated to an over the counter drain cleaner from the grocery store’s plumbing aisle once a month or more, the drains need to be professionally cleaned. Store-bought drain cleaners can’t handle large clumps or excessive buildup, and will only give homeowners a false sense of reassurance. Additionally, for older homes, they can cause pipe damage as well. 

Drain Cleaning Benefits


Here are some benefits of clean drains:

  • Keeps the Drains Flowing: When drains are regularly cleaned professionally, buildup and clogs are less likely to occur. Pipes will drain efficiently with regular cleaning.
  • Prevents Annoying Noises: Blocks and clogs in drain lines can lead to annoying sounds. Screeching, gurgling, and banging can all occur as water tries to drain through a blocked pipe. Cleaning can prevent a chorus of sounds from escaping the pipes. 
  • Prevents Odors, Mold, and Mildew: Clogged pipes collect bacteria and spores like nothing else. If the clogs are allowed to exist, mold and mildew can grow, and disgusting smells can start floating out of the drains. 
  • Saves Money: Pipes that are regularly cleaned will last longer and save homeowners the cost of repiping a home.

Basic Drain Maintenance How-To

Homeowners should schedule a drain cleaning at least once a year, though twice a year is preferred for homes with pets or more than a couple occupants and for areas with excessive sediment in the water that can promote clogs and corrosion. 

Homeowners can keep their cleaned drains cleaner for longer by following these tips:

  • Watch What They Flush: Don’t send grease or coffee grounds down the kitchen sink, and keep any foreign objects out of the toilet that isn’t toilet paper or bodily waste. 
  • Protect Tub and Shower Drains: Install hair-guards and strainers in the bathtub and shower drains to prevent foreign materials from getting down the drain. 
  • Flush Drains Weekly: Even if a guest-bath or sink isn’t used often, run hot water through every sink and drain in the house once a week. This prevents foul odors from escaping the drains and keeps debris moving through the drains.

Taking care of the drains with the help of a professional will ensure the home’s plumbing system runs in tip-top shape for the New Year!

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