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If Your Water is Smelling Bad You Have To Try These Tricks

water is smelling bad

What To Do If Your Water Smells Bad

There are many different smells that can come from water faucets. Minerals, chemicals, mold, and other factors can all contribute to the odor of the water. Not only are these problems unsightly, but in many cases, they may be impacting your health as well. In this article, an overview is given of the main factors that contribute to water smelling bad as well as on some of the ways a faucet can be fixed to help this issue.

How to Use Water Softeners

water softenersHard water is a cause of bad odor, but it can also damage the plumbing and ruin clothes as well. Some studies have shown that 85% of homes could have hard water and many people probably don’t even know it. Hard water is a type of water that contains high amounts of dissolved minerals.

Some of these minerals, such as calcium and magnesium, are not bad for human health, but at too high of levels can be harsh on the plumbing, damage clothes, and can even make hair look limp and lifeless after being washed.

To combat hard water, a water softener can be used. A water softener tank can be connected to the water line to combat the effect of mineral deposits in the water.

Disinfecting Sinks Can Help With Water Odor

The sink itself may be the source of the problem when it comes to bad odors in the kitchen or from the water supply. To help combat mold and mineral deposits on the sink, it can be taken apart and cleaned. These types of maintenance and repairs are best left up to a trained plumbing specialist because DIY repairs can damage the parts, voiding any factory warranty and can even be dangerous.

clean sinks

What the homeowner can do however is invest in quality cleaning products for disinfecting sinks, and practice good hygiene in wiping down the surfaces, preventing food and dirt build-up, and washing around the lip of the faucet as well. It is a good idea to disinfect the kitchen sink every time you do the dishes and do a deeper clean at least once a month.

What If Only The Hot Water Stinks?

hot water stinksIf only the hot water stinks it could be that the problem is with the water heater. For problems with the water heater, a plumber or specialist can troubleshoot the entire system and identify any problems.

If the water heater is old, it may be time for a replacement. It can actually cost more money, in the long run, to hold on to an inefficient water heater than it would cost to replace it with a new one.

If the smell of the water is similar to rotten eggs, it is probably caused by a type of bacteria in the water that smells like sulfur. Cleaning out the inside of the water boiler or water heater may be able to solve the problem without replacing the entire unit.

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