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Learn the History and Quirks of the Plumbing System

Question about Plumbing System

Check Out These 3 Fast Facts About Plumbing Systems 

The plumbing system is one of those conveniences that is not given much thought until something goes wrong. From the name “John” to that annoying “drip drip drip” of a leaky faucet, homeowners can check out these three facts about plumbing systems. 

How Did “John” Become Slang for the Toilet?toilet

“I need to use the John.” This phrase is commonly heard when someone has to use the toilet. However, it also makes one wonder which poor fellow named John got on someone’s bad side and forever after had a human waste receptacle named after them. As it turns out, it’s nothing so petty as that. 

Sir John Harrington, poet and godson of Queen Elizabeth I, created Britain’s first flushing toilet in the late 1500s. While he did not invent the flushing toilet, he did bring it to public attention and is commonly (if falsely) thought to be the flushing toilet’s inventor. As such, he maintains the honor of sharing his name with it. Lucky guy?

Which Way DOES the Water Spin South of the Equator?

The saying goes that when a toilet is flushed north of the equator, the water spins counterclockwise as it drains, while the water drains clockwise south of the equator (both directions due to the Coriolis Force). While a fascinating and interesting thought, this is false. 

The Coriolis Force is not powerful enough to affect the small amount of water in toilets or other home drains. Toilets and sinks both north and south of the equator spin water in either direction down the drain based on the water jet’s direction. 

Do Leaky Faucets Waste More Water Than We Realize?

Everyone has had that one faucet that drip-drips until their teeth are on edge and they are ready to pull their hair out. However, the general go-to of ignoring that leaky faucet may affect more than just nerves. While a drip here or there may not seem significant, when it’s added up over time, it can have a huge effect. If a sink drips one drop per second, it can waste more than 3,000 gallons per year. 


That is the equivalent of 180 showers, 100 baths, or 48,000 cups of water that could be keeping a family hydrated throughout the year. Factor in that it’s rarely just one sink that is dripping, and it adds up. In other words, a huge waste-not only a drain of water but a drain on the wallet as well. 

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