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Guide for Having Summertime Fun While Conserving Water

conserve water to save the earthYou can still have fun this summer during water activities while committing to the environment and conserving water. Remember that our local water resources are limited and natural sources of water are not as plentiful as they once were, for various reasons.

To help you play your part in this environmental initiative, while still enjoying your summer and having fun with water, we’re highlighting several tips in this latest post.

Play with Water on the Dry Lawn

play with water on dry lawnIt’s important that you wait for dry periods in the year to play with water outside. If you were planning on watering the lawn anyway, for example, you could play jump the water with your children, or even wait for the sprinklers to come on.

Also, by setting up a hose at one end of your yard and spraying water from the hose over to the other end, you can create a water rope for kids to jump over. Your lawn will be thankful for the additional moisture, and your kids will get to enjoy time outside with their family.

Fill Up Water Balloons Halfway

If your kids are intent on using water balloons this summer, make sure that they only fill them halfway with water. This will reduce the water waste around your home considerably. The small amount of water is all that’s needed to carry the balloon through the air, and it can ensure that water balloon fights last a longer time.

Pass the Water Balloon

Tpass the water balloon summer funo further limit the amount of water resources you use while playing with your family this summer season, why not consider a game of pass the water balloon?

This game involves a group sitting in a circle and passing a water balloon to one another. Music plays in the background, and when the music stops, the person left holding the water balloon has the balloon dropped over them by the person to their left. The game usually ends before the music stops, however, as the kids get more anxious to release the balloon fearing they’ll have the water splashed over them.

This summer gives you the perfect opportunity to showcase your commitment to the local environment while helping kids have fun with water play! Review the ideas in this post and put them to the test in your home.