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Your Family is Safe From Unclean Water with the Help of a Superhero Plumber

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It goes without saying that you’d do anything and everything to keep your family safe. But have you really thought about what dangers exist in your home? You are aware of the risk of fire, so you have a smoke detector; you are aware of the risk of flooding, so you install a sump pump.

There is one risk that you may be overlooking: water contamination from your plumbing. Take steps to make your family safe from unclean water with your superhero plumbers here in West Covina, CA.

Health Issues From Unclean Water

health issues from unclean waterIf you consume contaminated water, you will likely develop flu-like symptoms within 24-48 hours. How sick you get depends on how many toxins and contaminants that you’ve ingested, along with the overall state of your health.

It is important to note that people with suppressed immune systems, young children and the elderly are more at risk of developing serious complications. You could get E coli, salmonella, lead poisoning, arsenic poisoning, Hepatitis A and more.

How Your Plumbing is a Risk

If your plumbing is in good repair and built of quality materials, then chances are your water is safe. However, if pressure builds up in your pipes and causes damage, a side effect could be backflow. When your water backflows, it is running the opposite direction from what it is supposed to inside your pipes.

Clean water mixes with wastewater, which can make you very sick. To avoid this problem, get your plumbing regularly inspected for problems. Another potential contamination point is the aerators inside your faucets. They serve as a catch-all for mineral residue as water flows from the tap.

There is the potential that the residue that is growing in the aerator contains toxins as well. Get in the habit of cleaning these out by popping them out monthly and soaking them in warm water and vinegar in a plastic bag. This loosens residue which wipes away easily with a sponge or damp cloth.

Water Conservation and You

save waterDid you know that your plumber is a water conservation hero too? He accomplishes this by fixing your plumbing leaks.

Plumbing leaks may look innocent or seem like a hassle to get fixed, but they are a substantial source of water waste in a home.

Some of the most common points for plumbing leaks in your home are broken seals around your toilet, corroded pipe joints, tree root intrusion in a pipe, loose water connectors (check your washing machine and dishwasher hoses) and pipe damage from rapid temperature change.