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Don’t Forget About Your Water Heater, it Needs Cleaning Too!

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With lots of clear and mild days, fall is a good time of year to tackle some home projects. As you make your to-do list this year, don’t overlook your water heater. While we depend on water heaters every day, too often we forget that they need regular maintenance. By regularly cleaning and maintaining your water heater, you can help it to last longer and work better.

Additionally, you minimize your risk of plumbing issues or water damage from your water heater. Because of the importance of regular water heater maintenance, today we’ll talk about some basics of water heater flushing and cleaning, how you can tell when your water heater needs to be serviced and signs that your water heater needs to be replaced.

How Often Should Scheduling Water Heater Maintenance Happen?

howoftenwaterheaterSediment and minerals are constantly building up in your water heater. If you don’t regularly flush out your tank, this sediment can build up and impact your hot water supply, corrode your heater’s elements or even cause cracks in your tank. To avoid this, every year you should flush out your hot water heater.

An annual water heater flushing will help to avoid any issues with your water heater and will extend its lifespan. So, if you haven’t done it yet this year and it’s not already on there, add water heater flushing to your fall to-do list.

Clear Signs that Your Water Heater Needs to be Cleaned

needawaterheaterWhile it’s important to annually clean out your water heater, it’s also important to clean it out if you notice signs of build up in the tank. If you hear a loud banging or clanging from your water heater, that’s a sign of excess sediment in the tank.

Additionally, if you have less hot water than usual or if your hot water is cloudy, your hot water heater probably needs to be cleaned. Whenever you notice any of these signs, flush your hot water heater as soon as possible to prevent damage to your unit.

Is it Time for a New Water Heater Installation?

waterheaterinstallationEven if you keep up with your annual cleanings and stay on top of hot water heater maintenance, at some point your hot water heater will need to be replaced. If you can tell that your water heater is about to go out, you can make the replacement process much easier and less stressful by replacing it before it completely goes out or causes any damage to your home.

If your water is coming out lukewarm, if it’s rusty or cloudy, if your hot water heater is leaking or if you hear banging sounds even after cleaning, it could be time to replace your unit. If you notice any of these things, schedule an inspection as soon as possible.

This will help you determine whether it’s time to replace your unit and will allow you to do so before you have a plumbing emergency. We hope these are helpful tips and reminders, and that you’ll prioritize hot water heater maintenance this fall. If you have any concerns about your hot water heater or need to have it serviced, call Daniel Cordova Plumbing, Drain & Sewer today at (626) 962-0885.